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Book Affordable Hajj Packages from Canada: FJ Travels

Book Affordable Hajj Packages from Canada: FJ Travels

Hajj is a sacred place for Muslims. They come from all over the world to visit a holy place. People who have faith in Islam go to Hajj every year. Hajj packages from Canada make this easy for them. We must know the reason for performing Hajj once in a lifetime.

Reasons to Visit Hajj 

It is always necessary to follow a holy path. People have a desire to go to Hajj because it is a holy place. Many travel companies offer Hajj packages from Canada so that people can easily go to a holy place. Here we discuss the reasons why it is crucial to visit Hajj.

Wash Away All Your Sins

According to Abu Hurairah, he listened on occasion to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) saying, “Whoever performs Hajj for the sake of Allah and does not utter any obscene speech or do any evil deed, will go back (free of sin) as his mother bore him.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari) Muslims follow these words and go on to perform Hajj.

Clean Your Soul

People can purify their souls by performing various rituals during Hajj. It is a sacred way to complete more good deeds. It helps to polish their consciences by enhancing their moral feelings. In the heart of each individual, holy rituals play an imperative role in creating purity, honesty, and integrity. It also motivates us to do our best deeds and builds positivity in society. People from the USA can also easily get Hajj packages from the USA and perfectly complete their Hajj.

Moral Character

People take Hajj packages to visit sacred places. When they visit these spiritual places, they also face some problems. Every person needs to adjust to a new atmosphere. From start to finish, various hard rituals require a lot of patience. It also teaches patience and calmness, which are needed in day-to-day life. Various rituals help to build moral character so they can stand in the house of Allah SWT.

Earn Reward

A woman earns the reward of Jihad by performing Hajj. The purpose of Jihad is to fight in the name of Allah SWT against the proponents of Islam. There is a dialogue of Hazrat Ayesha (RA), Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), in an event, said, “O Allah’s Apostle! We consider Jihad the best deed.” However, “The best jihad (for women) is Hajj Mabrur.” (Sahih Bukari; Haj; 595)

Hajj Reward is Jannah

There is a promise from Allah SWT to those who complete Hajj. They will get Jannah, or paradise, when you perform with a pure heart. From one ‘Umrah to another is the expiation for what is between them, and Hajj Mabrûr has no reward except Paradise.” (Bukhari and Muslims). It is crucial to complete all the rituals during Hajj. It becomes easy with Hajj packages from Canada.

Social Benefits

People come from various countries to visit the Hajj. Every person has a different financial and social background. Many people come from different backgrounds, but one thing is the same: all are Muslims. They have faith in Islam. This unites them. Hajj unites people from different backgrounds. It unites them in equality, unity, purity, and hope. When they wear the clothing of Ihram, everyone looks the same. It shows all Muslims are equal in the eyes of Allah.

Sum Up

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. It is necessary to visit and complete rituals. It becomes easy with Hajj packages from Canada. The Hajj package has provided all the facilities that make the journey easy. There is a need to book packages for Hajj in advance so you can easily visit the holy places and make them memorable.