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Hajj Booking Policy

This is to announce that honorable Ministry of Hajj & Umrah, Saudi Arabia is opening Hajj applications in coming week inshallah. We are waiting for the final Hajj packages announced by the Ministry’s authorized company known as Tawafa. We will be announcing same packages as per what ministry will be offering to our respected and valued pilgrims.
Therefore, we are requesting interested guests to send us their information prior booking open in order to register for Hajj 2023 as very limited quota has been assigned for Canada and USA citizens and registrations will be only first come first booking basis.
Please send or fill the application forms as below with deposit of $500 by email money for every guests which will be 100% refundable in case if pilgrim is not approved. If Hajj applicant is approved for Hajj visa and pilgrim decided not to travel, we will charge $200 as our service fee and will refund the remaining.
We, FJ Travels & Tours is Hajj registered company with ministry of Hajj and Umrah, Saudi Arabia and can book our pilgrims by offering same package announced by ministry but will be overlooking all traveling and local arrangements within Saudi Arabia as per previous years. We will be taking Haji as in groups, lead by our Imams, scholars and tour leaders and will be arranging their your tickets, arrivals, transportation and lodging of selected hotels and camps in selected packages.
Let FJ Travels be your virtual leader in your lifetime journey of Hajj and Umrah, couple of individuals thoughts and bad remarks should not be question of FJ as company integrity as we have been serving our Muslims community over 2 decade.
We appreciate your trust and will continue to improve ourself and always feel honored as to be the part of our proud Muslim communities.
Booking requirements
* Passport copy
* Email address
* Cell / WhatsApp number
* Deposit by email money only at
or fill below online Hajj Application Forms, only applications consider with email money deposit of $500 by
Make this year as your lifetime wish come true, travel with professionals and travel with best.
FJ Travels and Tours Your Spiritual Leader in Hajj and Umrah