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How to Plan Your Umrah Trip: Get Umrah Package from Canada

How to Plan Your Umrah Trip: Get Umrah Package from Canada

Many people think that the Umrah trip requires a lot of planning and this is true. The Umrah refers to the pilgrimage journey to the Holy Makkah. If you’re thinking of going to Umrah for Hajj Yatra, you need to apply for a visa and get the Umrah package from Canada

In Arabic, Umrah Yatra provides pilgrims with a golden opportunity to get blessings from Allah and seek forgiveness. During the journey, pilgrims perform various rituals, which include: 

  • Ihram 

This is to attain physical purity, and the ritual is performed before starting the journey. 

  • Tawaf

Pilgrims have to circle seven times around Holy Kaaba. This is to show devotion to the Makkah. 

  • Sai 

The journey includes walking back & forth between Safa and Marwa

  • Halq 

This is the last stage of the journey. During this, men shave their heads, and women cut small hair strands. The entire ritual will be completed within a few hours. However, before you start planning your journey, it is essential to know the ideal season and how to book tickets for Umrah. 

This is why we’re here to assist you. Let’s read below and start your Holy journey to Umrah. 

What is the Ideal Season to Visit Umrah? 

Pilgrims can perform Umrah throughout the year anytime. However, sometimes travelling to Umrah is a mandatory activity for Muslims. So, the visit is compulsory during Ramadan and Safar and Muharram. 

This is considered the most rewarding time to visit Umrah. But some pilgrims often plan to visit Umrah in December. The weather is pleasant during December and crowd-free. 

Make Early Reservations 

Hajj pilgrimage is visited by billions of people every year. There are a lot of crowds, and if you don’t book earlier, then chances are there you will face problems during your journey. The place receives millions of pilgrims during Ramadan. So, it would be great to have early reservations. 

To avoid last-minute troubles, you can have an Umrah Package from Canada. The package includes a travelling ticket, hotel booking, and everything you need. Visitors can book their packages from authorized travel operator services. 

Prepare Yourself Physically 

Hajj Yatra requires a lot of strength and courage. During the journey, you have to travel around 4.2 km by foot. Hence, it is essential to prepare yourself physically. You need to concentrate on breathing and improve your walking strength. Build up your stamina so that you can easily walk around. 

In addition to this, you can focus on mental and physical strength. Keep yourself focused and calm for a happy and safe journey. 

Get Umrah Package from Canada to Reach the House of Allah

For those who want to go to Umrah, book an Umrah package from Canada to have a peaceful journey. FJ Travel offers you the best Umrah packages at a reasonable price, such as the 14 Nights Five Star Ramadan Umrah package 2022. Moreover, you can also have customized family packages if you go with your family. 

In addition to this, Pilgrims also need to know that Makkah does have an airport. So, flights will be available from Canada to Jeddah, and from there, pilgrims can reach Makkah, which is situated 95 km away from Jeddah. Pilgrims can book local transport to reach Makkah. 

How to Book Flights from Canada for Umrah 

Before you book your flights, remember that the Saudi government doesn’t allow pilgrims to book flights directly. Therefore, they need to book their flights through Hajj Travel operators accredited by the Saudi government. The operators provide pilgrims with exciting Umrah packages from Canada and help arrange all the lodgings. Some operators also receive first-time pilgrims to ensure their journey goes smoother/

FJ Travel is one of the trusted Umrah traveller operators who offer exciting Umrah packages to travel to Makkah from Canada. You can book your Umrah package to have a peaceful journey. 

Where to Stay During Hajj Yatra? 

The next thing to plan for the Umrah trip is finding the perfect place to stay. Since this is a holy trip, you get so many economical and luxurious hotels here. Some hotels are available near the Al-Haram mosque. In addition to luxurious hotels, you also get budget-friendly locations to stay.

Pilgrims can choose any hotel based on their requirements. But if you need the best deals, then visit FJ Travels. You get exciting Umrah packages from Canada

What to Pack for an Umrah Trip?

Umrah is a spiritual pilgrimage journey for Muslims. The journey aims to clean out mortal sins and seek forgiveness from Allah. Before you start travelling, it is vital to pack your bags accordingly. Only keep the essential things with you. 

Many airlines only allow 23 kg of luggage with you. However, Qatar airways allow you to carry 30 kg of baggage. Before you pack your things, do ensure to follow the rules of the Makkah visit. Packing simple clothes, fashionable or any appealing clothes aren’t allowed. 

If you have any treatment, keep your medicines and proof. As per the new laws of Saudi Arabia, pilgrims can carry ZamZam water while returning from the trip. 

How to Book an Umrah Package? 

To book the best Umrah packages from Canada, visit the FJ Travel and Tour. Here, you get exciting Umrah packages from Canada. If you want any more requirements along with the package, choose our custom plans. Next, select the date and book your package to travel to Umrah.