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Know About Umrah and Hajj Packages and Travel Guide

Know About Umrah and Hajj Packages and Travel Guide

During Covid-19, Muslim pilgrims were obliged to perform Umrah and celebrate Ramadan. Further, pilgrims are also restricted from visiting Makkah and Madinah. But now, in 2022, the COVID-19 protocols, such as travel restrictions and social distancing, have been removed. 

Now travellers can book their Umrah packages from Canada and perform Umrah. After Hajj, The most popular pilgrimage for Muslims is Umrah. People can perform Umrah anytime throughout the year. However, the best time to visit the holy place is Ramadan. 

Though performing Hajj and Umrah is a dream of every Muslim, the most challenging part is how to manage Umrah trips and pack everything. We understand that first-time travellers have so many questions in mind about Umrah. In this blog, we’ll answer your questions. Let’s start with planning. 

Plan Your Trip Wisely

Before you proceed with the Umrah or Hajj Packages from Canada, make sure to research well about the trip. Choose the right time to travel to Umrah. Look for the best accommodations available in Umrah, where you can stay with your family. In addition, ensure that the tour and travel operator you choose must be authorized by the Ministry of Umrah, Saudi Arabia. 

Also, look for the flights and accommodation packages to travel to Umrah for a smooth journey. When travelling for the first time, you may feel physically exerted and loaded with emotions. So, you have to prepare yourself physically and mentally to perform Umrah. 

Choose the Best Hajj and Umrah Package 

Once you have planned your trip nicely, it is time to choose the best Hajj packages from Canada. Many tours and travel operators offer exciting packages to travel to Hajj and Umrah. However, choose the right tour and travel planner authorized by the Ministry of Saudi Arabia. Moreover, make sure that travellers provide the best Hajj and Umrah packages at affordable prices. 

 If you are looking for the best tour and travellers, FJ Travels and Tours provides the best packages for Hajj and Umrah. Some of the exciting packages are as follows: 

  • Toronto 14 Nights Ramadan 2022 Umrah

Likewise, there are so many packages available which you can choose to travel to the Umrah. But when you are deciding on the best package, be sure to check whether it covers the accommodation package or not. A travel package with accommodation helps save you money and time searching for hotels to stay in Saudi Arabia while performing Umrah. 

Read All the Rules to Perform Umrah 

After choosing the Umrah package from Canada, learn about Umrah’s rules and regulations. There is a specific dress code for Umrah, which you have to follow during Umrah and Ihram. Men and women have to wear unstitched white clothes during Umrah. You’re not allowed to wear fancy clothes. 

  • Men have to wear simple clothes. 
  • Men have to shave their heads after performing all the rituals 
  • Men have to maintain distance from women 

Here are some more rules which are especially for women pilgrims: 

  • Women below the age of 45 years are not eligible to perform Umrah.
  • Women cannot apply henna when travelling for Hajj or while performing Umrah.
  • Speaking loudly and uttering abuses are strictly prohibited while performing Umrah.
  • A woman has to trim her nails while going to Umrah. 
  • During Sa “I” and Tawaf, women are often recommended to maintain a safe and clear distance from men (during Sa “I” and Tawaf, separate space has been provided to the women pilgrims to avoid unwanted interaction with males and non-mahrams. 
  • Women have to cut half inches of hair after completing all the rituals. 
  • Women also prohibited saying Talbiyah (Muslim Prayer) loudly. 

Prepare Yourself Physically 

Saudi Arabia has an extremely hot and humid climate. You may feel nauseous and faint when you reach by taking Umrah and Hajj packages from Canada. Hence, it is advised to keep yourself hydrated and take precautions. If you are travelling with your kids or older people, take all the precautions. 

Avoid sharing contaminated food and water with people to prevent unwanted diseases. Keep an umbrella with you to protect yourself from the sun’s scorching heat. Also, make sure you are properly vaccinated and keep your medicines with you.

Visit Holy Sites in Mecca and Medina 

Besides performing Umrah, there are a lot of sacred places to be visited by the pilgrims. Travellers can visit these places after completing their Umrah. Some of the best places to visit are as follows: 

  • Ziyarats in Mecca and Medina
  • Jabal-e-Rehmat
  • The cave of Saur
  • House of Abu Jahal
  • Masjid-e-jin 
  • Ayesha Mosque
  • And many more.

Bottom Line 

Performing Umrah during Ramadan is absolutely blissful and enchanting at the same time. However, you are free to perform Umrah throughout the year. Before planning your trip and taking Umrah packages to Canada, make sure to follow all these things before planning your trip and taking Umrah packages from Canada. Lastly, don’t forget to read about all the rules and regulations for performing Umrah. Also, carry your documents, such as your passport and identity. Choose the right Umrah packages from the USA to ensure a smooth journey. 


Q. Can we travel with our kids to perform Umrah? 

A. Yes, you can travel with your kids to perform Umrah. But make sure to read about the rules and take all safety precautions. 

Q. Is there any affordable Umrah package available? 

A. FJ Travels and Tours offer the most affordable Umrah packages from Canada. For more details, visit our website and check out exciting deals. 

Q. Can we carry Zam Zam with us after completing Umrah? 

A. Yes, you can carry Zam Zam with you after completing Umrah.