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Vancouver Hajj



$ 16100

14 Nights - 5 Star Plus Package – From July 22 till Aug 5th, 2020

Quad Room


Triple Room


Double Room



416 880 9630

For Inquiries (Arabic / English)


647 771 0959

For Inquiries (Urdu / Punjabi / English)


Hotel accommodations in Makkah and Madina

  • Makkah: Clock Tower in Makkah
  • Madina: Dallah Tayyaba
  • Multiple room sharing available including Quad, Triple and Double
  • Air conditioned Luxury buses with washroom facility for travel
  • Breakfast and Dinner buffet
  • Guided Tours of Ziarats in Makkah and Madina
  • Hajj Seminar prior departure for guidance


3 Nights 5 Star Hotel in Madina

10 Nights 5 Star Clock Tower Hotel in Makkah

4 Nights Hajj Camps in Mina & Arafat

Walking distance hotels, No Shuttle required, No Shifting

Hotels accessible during Mina Camps

Free transportation & Buses to Haram in Makkah during Hajj Camps

Hajj Draft and qubani included

Booking from $2000 with monthly payment plan



Group Lead by Shaikh Ashraf Tony, Imam Mosque Al Islam

About Imam:

Our Hajj group is lead under imams and leaders along with our Hajj Director / Imam Shaikh Ashraf. Very soft spoken along with his years of religious services offered to community in Masjid Al Imam. Shaikh Ashraf leading Hajj Tours since many years with his expert advises and guidance on Hajj rituals following Sunnah. Feel free to contact our Imam directly at 416.528.7403 – Feel free to listen our beloved Shaikh Ashraf beautiful Quran recitation CLICK TO OPEN VIDEO LINK

Program Day by Day

July 22 - 25 July

Zul Hajj 01 till 04 --> Arrival and Stay Madina Hotel

July 25 - 29 July

Zul Hajj 04 till 08 --> Stay at Makkah Hotel

July 29 - 02 Aug

Zul Hajj 08 till 12 --> Visit to Hajj Camps

August 02 - 04/05

Zul Hajj 12 till 15 --> Return to Home

Day 15

August 05 / 06 --> Flight to Canada or side trip selected

Hajj Package Information

Summary: FJ Travels proudly brings you our Premium 5 Star Plus Hajj Package for year 2020, 1441 Hijri. This 14 Nights Canada Hajj package designed and developed to bring maximum luxury and comfort for our pilgrims while performing their Hajj rituals. Without wasting time, you will be couple minutes of walk away to Harm’e Kaba. No wasting of times on traveling and chasing buses especially once in your lifetime Hajj journey. No luggage moving while trip to Hajj (Mina) camps and your luggage will stay in hotel where you left. FJ Travels Hajj Package Madina hotel chosen as Dallah Tayyaba. This is one of the best rated hotel in Madina as consumer choice, close to ladies gate for ease of access. The foods and markets are on walking distance for your daily living during Hajj journey in holy land of Saudi Arabia.

Booking: All hajj packages are 100% non-refundable, book your package with minimum $1000 only with low monthly payment plan offered to guests to suits their budget! Passports copies required along with deposit. All payments must be cleared 60 days before departure.


Low Monthly Payment Plan available To Suite Your Budget, conditions Applies

$1250 – Add Side trips to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Colombo, Cairo and more!

Side Trip available to India, Pakistan, Turkey, Bangladesh, Cairo, Dubai and more , $CALL

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