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Plan Your Holy Visit with Umrah Packages from Canada

Plan Your Holy Visit with Umrah Packages from Canada

When we visit religious places, we feel blessed. People always want to visit Umrah and Hajj. These religious sites need special planning. It becomes easy with the Umrah packages from Canada. These packages help pilgrims to visit these places easily. It is also safe for every person to go to holy places.

Let us check some factors before we visit these pilgrims.


People can perform Umrah at any time of the year. It becomes more auspicious when you visit during Ramadan. They offer blessings to Allah and ask for forgiveness for their deeds. 

There is a special Umrah package from Canada. It helps people visit these places easily. These packages allow their clients to visit many places during their visit to this holy place.

They perform various rituals during Umrah, such as Ihram, Tawaf, Sai, and Halq. During their stay, they go to many other places. It becomes easy with FJ Travels. They offer special travel and tour packages.

We also know Umrah as the shorter version of the Hajj pilgrimage. For Muslims who can’t perform Hajj for various reasons, such as physical and health problems. They decide to complete Umrah. When they go for Hajj, it becomes necessary to perform Umrah rituals.


Millions of people from around the world visit Mecca to perform Hajj. It is an annual religious pilgrimage of Muslims that takes place from July 7, 2022, to July 12, 2022, this year. It becomes easy with Umrah packages to complete these rituals. There are Umrah packages from the USA as well. It is the holiest place for Muslims.

Difference between Umrah and Hajj 

Umrah and Hajj are both Muslim pilgrimages. Hajj and Umrah are essential in Islam religion. They perform it in the Holy Kaaba. Here we discuss how we can differentiate between both places.


Muslims visit Umrah and Hajj to offer their prayers. They also believed that they offer prayers for mercy and extra merit. It is crucial to know that the level of preference is different in both places. Every Muslim has to visit it once in their life. It is not obligatory to dwell at Umrah, but religious people are highly justified to stay in Umrah. There is a considerable difference between both sacred areas. 

Timing to Visit Place

The timing of visiting Hajj and Umrah is different. Muslim pilgrims begin their journey in Hajj in the auspicious month of Dhual Hijjah. It is the last month of their lunar calendar. They completed hajj rites between the 8th and 12th days of Dhual Hijjah. People can visit Umrah at any time in the year.

Obligatory Deeds

When people of Islam perform Hajj, there is a need to do many rituals. These rituals are necessary for every person who has visited these places. It is crucial to take Ihram from Meeqat, stand on Arafah until sunset, spend the night at Muzdalifah, pass the night in Mina during Tashreeq, and stone the Jamarat. It is also necessary to shave their hair during Hajj. In the end, there is a need to complete farewell circumambulation.

The required acts in Umrah are taking the state of Ihram after announcing the purpose of Umrah, performing Tawaf, and bringing out Sayi between the hills of Safa and Marwa. It is also necessary to shave their heads or shave some pieces of hair. After completing their obligatory acts in both places, they will think they have performed them.

Time Needed for Rituals

There is a need for at least five to six days to perform the rituals of Hajj. Pilgrims performed Umrah rituals in a few hours. Time is required for both places to be different. Physical exertion, customs, and rites are accountable for the different durations.

Hajj and Umrah Pillars

We also differentiated it based on different pillars. There are four pillars between Hajj and Umrah, both of which are different from each other.

Four Pillars of Hajj

  1. Ihram is the first of the four pillars. According to the Prophet, they reward these actions according to their preferences. There is also specific timing that all pilgrims have to follow.
  2.  Sayi is the second pillar. The Prophet said it is Allah’s decree, so it is necessary to perform.
  3. Waqfat is the third pillar and, according to Prophet Hajj, is Arafah. They perform it on the ninth day of Dhul-Hijjah, standing only for a moment at one place in Arafah.
  4. Tawaf al-Ifaadah is the last pillar, and it is a must for all. It is a way to put an end to their untidiness. They perform it around their ancient house.

Four pillars of Umrah 

  1. Ihram is the first pillar of Umrah. It is a holy state, so pilgrims must enter it when they begin their journey.
  2. Tawaf is the second pillar of Umrah. Muslim pilgrims encircle the holy Kaaba in an anti-clockwise direction.
  3. Sayi is the third pillar, where people do ritualistic walks between the mountains of Safa and Marwah. It is a symbol of our everyday struggle in life.
  4. Tahallul is the last pillar of Umrah. It means coming to an end of the holy state of Umrah. After this, there is a need to shave their heads.

These are significant differences between both holy places. People around the world who believes in Islam visit every year. It becomes easy with Umrah packages from Canada. People can take Hajj packages to perform their rituals perfectly.

Muslims always want to visit these holy places. When you plan your program in an effective way then it becomes a memorable part of life. It is also crucial to visit these places with Umrah packages.

Plan Your Holy Visit Early 

Every year, many pilgrims come to holy places. It is necessary to make your plans early. There are many crowds, so reserve your seats in advance. The Umrah package is the best way to book your seats. In this deal, you will get travel tickets, hotel bookings, and all other desired things. It is always best to get Hajj packages from authorized travel agencies such as FJ Travels.

FJ Travels is the leading name in Umrah packages from the USA. 

Sum UP

People can easily visit these places with affordable Umrah packages to Canada. There are different packages according to the days. It is necessary to pick the best Umrah packages to make your holy journey remarkable.