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27 Jul

What is the Best Time to Perform Umrah?

When we are making plans to go to see Umrah, we must search for Umrah packages. It is necessary to know more details about hotels, flights, and their prices. It always varies and depends on the time for Umrah. There is no set time for Umrah, so we can perform it throughout the year. To […]

19 Jun

Book Affordable Hajj Packages from Canada: FJ Travels

Hajj is a sacred place for Muslims. They come from all over the world to visit a holy place. People who have faith in Islam go to Hajj every year. Hajj packages from Canada make this easy for them. We must know the reason for performing Hajj once in a lifetime. Reasons to Visit Hajj  […]

14 Jun

Plan Your Holy Visit with Umrah Packages from Canada

When we visit religious places, we feel blessed. People always want to visit Umrah and Hajj. These religious sites need special planning. It becomes easy with the Umrah packages from Canada. These packages help pilgrims to visit these places easily. It is also safe for every person to go to holy places.Let us check some […]

5 Apr

How to Plan Your Umrah Trip: Get Umrah Package from Canada

Many people think that the Umrah trip requires a lot of planning and this is true. The Umrah refers to the pilgrimage journey to the Holy Makkah. If you’re thinking of going to Umrah for Hajj Yatra, you need to apply for a visa and get the Umrah package from Canada.  In Arabic, Umrah Yatra […]