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Exciting Umrah Packages From Canada

Exciting Umrah Packages From Canada

Are you looking for the best Umrah package from Canada? FJ Travels and Tours offer you the best Umrah packages to travellers who want to go on Hajj. We have years of experience offering the most exciting travelling packages at competitive prices. 

It’s our privilege to serve the best services to the Muslim families living in Canada. We have a reputation as the best Umrah travel agency in Canada that caters to the need of Muslim travellers who want to go to Umrah. 

FJ Travel and Tours provides the most luxurious packages and direct flights and in-direct flights from Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and many more. Moreover, we also offer customized packages to travellers according to their vacation plans.

So, if you plan to go to Umrah, we have exciting travel packages for you. You can call us on the given numbers, and we will design the best packages that suit your requirements. 

Plan Your Holy Pilgrimage with FJ Travel and Tour 

We are the most trusted and reputable tour and travel company to have Umrah packages. At FJ, you get a wide range of Umrah packages, 2022  from the best airlines and travel services. We care about all your needs, such as hotels booking, flight ticket booking, and travel packages. 

We aim to make your holy pilgrimage journey peaceful and relaxing. This is why we put effort into designing the best Umrah packages from Canada on a budget. Visit our website to know about more exciting packages to travel to the Umrah. 

Our Best Value Umrah Packages (14 Nights Ramadan 2022 Umrah) 

FJ Travel and Tour is Canada’s best Umrah travel agency that provides you with the most exciting 14 nights Ramadan Umrah package 2022 at just $3250. We offer you this plan to stay 11 nights in Makkah and 3 nights in Madina. Plus, travellers get the following facilities in our 14 nights Ramadan 2022 Umrah packages

  • Saudi Visit Visa (only for Canadian passport) 
  • Quad company with four single beds
  • Makkah hotel to Madina hotel 
  • Madina Hotel to Airport pickups 
  • Guides tour of all holy pilgrimages in Makkah and Madina 
  • 27th Ramadan in Makkah 
  • Last Ahra in Makkah, Last Ramadan Friday in Makkah
  • Makkah: Le-Meridien Tower with free Shuttle, Madina: Pulman ZamZam. 

However, this is not the only package we offer to you; on our website, we have launched many more exciting packages that suit the needs of travelers. To learn more about the Umrah package from Canada, contact us. 

Visit FJ Travel and Tour Website for Umrah Packages 

FJ Tour and travels are the most reputable Umrah travel agent in Canada. It’s been a decade now; we are providing customized Umrah packages for the pilgrims of Canada. We offer the best packages and deals to individuals, families, and groups who want to visit their holy pilgrimage. 

It’s an honor for us to help the pilgrims and provide all the travelling facilities and make their journey comfortable. FJ is one of the proud travel agencies that offer the best travel package plan for all travellers at an unbeatable price. We value your money and religious values. That’s why we make sure to serve the best services to travel Umrah. 

We at Fj Travel and Tour provide world-class travel facilities and 5-star accommodation for the Muslim Pilgrims who want to go on Hajj Yatra. Our belief is to make your journey convenient, and our clients have the most wonderful travelling experience. 

We understand that it’s very tricky to find the best Umrah packages for 2022 on your own. This is why we have simplified our packages and ensure that travellers get what suits them the best. Moreover, we take a step ahead to tailor the Umrah packages for a better experience. 

Get FJ Travel and Tour 7 Nights 5 Star Umrah Package at Just $2,225 Per Adult. 

FJ Travel and Tour carefully designed the best Umrah packages, including travel tickets, accommodation, hotels, and transportation. Moreover, we also provide travel guides to our clients who need help to reach their destination. We have successfully provided hundreds of Umrah packages to the Muslims living in Canada. 

We build long-term relationships with our customers, which is why our clients return to us for the best travel packages. Furthermore, we consider clients’ needs and ensure that we design the most exciting packages for our clients. Entrust us for more exciting packages and a perfect journey. 

Family Packages for Citizens Going on Umrah 

FJ Travel and Tour provide the most valuable umrah and hajj packages for families who want to go on Umrah for Hajj Yatra. Tour combined packages are designed especially for families with senior citizens and kids. Moreover, we cater to the needs of the children and senior citizens. 

We offer special arrangements such as a wheelchair for senior citizens and disabled persons, a cot for the kids, and special meals. Also, we can arrange special facilities at our customer’s request and provide accommodations at walking distance to the holy places. 

Apart from this, Saudi Arab authorities also provide advanced facilities to the pilgrims who visit Umrah. However, if you want to have special arrangements for your families, consult us. We will plan your packages as per your needs. 

FJ Travel and Tour Offer Exclusive Deals on Umrah Packages 2022 From Canada 

Do you want some more exciting deals and Umrah Packages 2022? We have customized Umrah packages and timely updated the deals to the travellers. We take the entire responsibility and arrange the special facilities to make your journey more convenient. 

We also arrange five-star hotels accommodations and facilities where you can stay peacefully. Whether you need the most economical or luxurious packages, we have the best Umrah packages for all travellers. 

For bookings, visit our website, explore exciting packages and get it. Moreover, you can also ask for tailored plans. We have experience in designing the best Umrah packages that suit your needs. 

How to Book Umrah Packages from Canada? 

If you want to book Umrah packages from Canada, then follow these simple steps:

  • Visit our FJ Travel and Tour website. 
  • Go to the Canada Umrah packages. 
  • Explore different packages such as Toronto Umrah, Montreal, and many more. 
  • Check if the package is available. 
  • You can also have the customized plans 
  • Choose the dates and check out exciting deals 
  • Book the package. 

We have simplified the process of booking packages so that travellers can have Umrah packages easily. However, if you have any other special requirements, connect with us and ask for special facilities. But if you want to have some special arrangements, then connect with us, we will guide you to have the best plans. 

What is the Baggage Allowance for Umrah Pilgrims? 

Generally, the baggage allowance for Umrah pilgrims varies from different airlines. Most airlines allow two bags of 23 kgs each. Other airlines such as Qatar Airways and others allow baggage of 30 kg. Also, according to the new laws of the Saudi Arabia government, pilgrims can carry around 5 liters of ZamZam water with them. Travellers can purchase this from Airport. 

How to Perform Umrah? 

In Shari’ah, pilgrims have two different types of Umrah: 

  • Al-Umrah al-mufradah al-mustaqillah an al-Hajj 
  • Al-Umrah almundammah ila al-Hajj 

The first Umrah or Hajj can be performed independently throughout the year. However, the second Hajj type can be performed with another Hajj. This is why it is known as Conjugate Umrah. The Hajj can be performed during the Shawwal to Zulhajj months. 

These are the main rituals that you perform during Hajj. 

  • Assuming the states of the Ihram from Meeqat. 
  • Tawaaf around the Khana Ka’aba
  • Contributing to Nafal at Maqam e Ibrahim. Drinking Zamzam water. 
  • Sa’y around the hills of the Safa & Marwa
  • Coming out of the Tahallul-lul or Ihram 

These are the five main areas used as the Meeqat to assume Ihram. However, Men’s Ihram comprises two main plain and untied sheets. At the same time, women can wear their regular clothes instead of Ihram sheets. They don’t need to cover their hands and face.

Once, assuming of Ihram is done. Men and women have to make some intention for Umrah. In addition to this, they also have to enchant Talbiyah until they reach the Khana Ka’aba. 

When they arrive at Ka’aba, all the pilgrims have to do Tawaaf. Pilgrims have to complete seven circles from start to end. The ending point is Hajar al-Aswad. After completing Tawaaf, pilgrims travel to the next site of Umrahs. Here they get two rakaat nafal at Maqaam Ibrahim. 

Finally, pilgrims perform Sa’y, a form of seven circuits you have to perform between the Marwa and Mount of Safa. Finally, after performing all rituals, men’s heads will be shaved. But women are exempted from ritual and only need to shorten their hair. 

Why Prefer FJ Travel and Tour for Umrah Packages? 

FJ Travel and Tours offer the best Umrah packages from Canada to travellers who want to go on Hajj Yatra. We stand apart from other services provider due to the following reasons: 

  • We offer affordable Umrah packages to the pilgrims 
  • We customize the plans for the first-time travellers 
  • FJ Travel and Tour provide five-star accommodation in their Umrah packages 
  • Special arrangements will be given to the travellers on request 
  • Arrange the best flights and guides to make the journey comfortable.

We are the expert Umrah travel agent in Canada who can provide you with the best packages to complete your Hajj Yatra comfortably. You are just a call away from us. If you have any more requirements get in touch with us and explore exciting deals.