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Umrah Packages

Umrah Packages

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Hajj Packages

Hajj Packages

Tour and Vacation Packages

Tour and Vacation Packages



Package 1: Makkah: Le-Meridian Tower with Free shuttle, Madina: Pulman ZamZam

Package 2: Makkah: Makarem Ajyad, walking distance, Madina: Pulman ZamZam


Breakfast included in Madina, Makkah breakfast 35 SAR daily per person, pay at the hotel

Single individuals are welcome,  minimum double occupancy, all fares and packages first come first book, seats and offered fares subjects to availability. Book with confidence with FJ Travels.

Guidelines for Hajj & Umrah Pilgrims

Welcome to Fj Travels

FJ Travels & Tours,  a well known trusted name in the travel and tourism industry, offering services to Canadian and USA clients since 2018. We are located in the downtown of flower city of Brampton, Ontario.  Our services include airline tickets, vacation packages, and Hajj and Umrah Tours. We are leading a licensed Hajj and Umrah company and offering:

Pilgrimage to Makkah and Madina. FJ dedication, commitment and professionalism offering 5 star services to our clients are our primary goal. We have enabled thousands of pilgrims to perform their obligatory religious duty Hajj, and non-obligatory religious duty Umrah by offering a wide spectrum of travel and tours Umrah packages.

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FJ Travels & Tours is a forerunner in the tours and travels industry. Our Umrah packages are affordable that set us apart from the crowd. Our team goes above and beyond to deliver the best possible packages to positively impact our clients. Our client-centric approach will make sure the holiday created meets your needs, and you get the worth of your money. Our team knows how to adequately plan your trip and make it exciting by taking minute details into account. Client safety is our utmost priority. Therefore, we create a tour that is luxurious and at the same time responsible.

Speak With Our Team & Refine Your Holiday!

Being one of the most preferred travel agencies, we have a team of specialists ready to make your travel experience more exciting. Please browse our website, give us a call and talk to our team. Our specialist will listen to your needs and craft a holiday package that suits your needs and exactly fits your budget. Once you’ve got your hands on our services, you can rest assured that we will be by your side in your whole journey. Need anything? Talk to us! Want some more? Talk to us! We are ready to offer you full worth for your money without compromising on quality.


Nida Zahid

My parents went with FJ Travel for their umrah trip in January 2020, and everything went smoothly. The hotels were nice in both Mecca and Medina were very nice. The transportation arrangement was also very well organized. Umair was really helpful in explaining FJ Travel’s service, the prices are also fair !

Real Construction Group

We went to Macca and Madina for Umrah... Fj travels arranged and set up the whole trip for us.. got us in the best hotels..rides we're always on time and communication was just amazing. Anytime we messaged or called...we had a response right away... We had an amazing time.. I would book with them again !!! Thank you 😊

Irfan Tariq

The most amazing experience of my life with the most amazing service recieved ever! If anyone is planning to go for hajj or Umrah, br. Hassouna is the person to choose and travel with. I have never been looked after or pampered so precisely and effectively in any other group travel ever!

Imran patel

I booked my first Umrah and I would you say that this guys are best. They will work with you all the way no just getting the Umrah visa hotel booking and finding you best deals they understand the needs and requirements and the budget. 5Stars for FJ Travels.

Naya Ahmed

I would like to give them 5 stars plus me and my family is much thankful to Fj travels and Their Team as saima sahiba Aurangzeb sahib they did great job and their staff in Saudi Arabia were very helpful it was our first visit we were kind of scared how everything will be manage with kids and that was our first umrah but they made our trip memorable enjoyable and peaceful may Allah give them reward and will recommend them To my family and friends also looking forward to book them in future in sha Allah Allah Jaz e khair day Ameen

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