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14 Nights Ramadan 2022 Umrah Packages from Canada- The Complete Guide

14 Nights Ramadan 2022 Umrah Packages from Canada- The Complete Guide

Are you looking for the best Ramadan Umrah package from Canada to perform rituals in Umrah? FJ Tour and Travels comes with Ramadan 2022 Umrah Packages from Canada. So, you can easily choose the best package and have a safe journey. Like other religions, where we visit our holy places to get peace of mind and relax, Umrah is also a holy pilgrimage for Muslims.

Performing Umrah for Muslims is a gateway to achieving solace and peace of mind. Muslim pilgrims can perform rituals throughout the year, but Ramadan is considered the best time to perform Umrah. However, it can be overwhelming for first-time pilgrims to choose the right Umrah packages from Canada

The first-time pilgrims may also face problems performing Umrah and searching for the right accommodation places, transportation, and many other things. Furthermore, first-time travellers who do not have accurate knowledge about Umrah packages may experience an awful journey.  

This is why, in this blog, we will discuss everything that helps to make your journey peaceful. So, let’s have a look and read below.

Things to Consider Best Umrah Packages 

When planning your trip to Umrah, do ensure to focus on these things before deciding on any Umrah packages.

Cost of Umrah Packages 

The cost of Umrah packages from Canada may vary from package to package. So, before you proceed, have a quick view of the cost of different travel plans and then decide wisely. 

Accommodation Facilities 

During Ramadan, the Umrah becomes crowded, and it is extremely difficult for you to choose any accommodation. Therefore, when choosing any Umrah package, be sure that it also covers accommodation facilities. This helps save you from the last-minute hurdles of searching for a hotel.

Airport Picking Facilities (For First Time Travelers) 

First-time travellers may hesitate to go to Umrah. They probably don’t know how to start their journey or use transport. Therefore, when you are choosing an Umrah package from the USA, do ensure to check if they offer an airport picking facility or not.

Transportation Facility 

Some tours and travellers also provide transportation facilities. This helps to visit from one place to another freely without worrying about choosing transport services. Therefore, keep an eye on these facilities while picking up the Umrah package

Basic Information about Umrah Packages for Canada 

FJ Travel will provide excellent Umrah packages in 2022 for pilgrims who want to perform Umrah. These travel packages cover everything, such as travel tickets, hotel reservations, transportation, food, and other services. Now, the journey to Umrah doesn’t look like a nightmare. 

Hence, we recommend people select the package of their choice from the website. In addition to this, the traveller can choose from our customized packages specifically designed for Muslims.

Moreover, the package we offer to the people covers the following things such as: 

  • Travel Ticket 
  • Visa processing 
  • Transportation services when staying in Saudi Arabia
  • Hotel expenses 
  • Food expenses 
  • Visit Makkah and Medina 
  • Airport picking facilities 

By taking the package, pilgrims can efficiently perform their rituals in Umrah. The best thing is that the Umrah packages save them from the last-minute hurdles of searching for accommodations. 

Choose Custom Umrah Packages from Canada 

We understand that all travellers have their specific requirements. This is why we have designed customized packages for Muslim travellers who want to go to Umrah. The packages are as follows: 

  • Budget-friendly Umrah travel packages 
  • Umrah packages for family 
  • Group travel packages
  • Ramadan special Umrah Packages
  • Family Umrah packages 

Therefore, before you decide, it is better to go to the website and search for the different packages that we offer to you.

What Are The Things to Be Packed While Going to Umrah? 

You are going to spend your best time in Umrah. However, along with a selection of Umrah packages from Canada, you need to pack some of the essential things with you. These are as follows:

Carry an Umbrella

Whether you are visiting Umrah in the summers or any other season, Umbrella can be your travel partner. It helps to protect from scorching heat and rain. So, you must carry it with you when you go to Umrah.

Basic Medicines 

If you are on any medication, keep the medicines with you to avoid any health issues. In addition to this, you can also keep basic medicines such as paracetamol, pain killers, and others. 

Clean Mat for Prayer

You need to keep a prayer mat with you on which you can perform your prayers and rituals.

Travel Kits

Make a travel kit in which you can keep all the essential things such as face wash, skin toner, sunscreen, and other essentials you need.


Umrah is a wonderful experience on its own. So, you must be thinking about capturing this moment to keep these memories forever. Therefore, when travelling to Umrah, do ensure to carry a camera with you.

Extra Carry Bag

When travelling to the Umrah, do ensure to keep an extra carry bag with you. This helps to keep the gifts that you purchase from here.

First Aid Kit 

Accidents are inevitable, especially when you are travelling. In that case, keep a first aid kit with you. It helps give first aid treatment and save you from serious injury issues.

Why Choose FJ Tour and Travels for Umrah Packages

FJ Tour and Travels offer the most exciting deals on the Umrah Packages in 2022. We have designed our packages based on the traveller’s requirements. Being the best tour and travel agency, we always prioritize the comfort of the travellers. 

Here are some of the exclusive packages offered by FJ Tour and Travels. 

  • 14 nights Ramadan 2022 Umrah Packages 
  • FJ Travels 7 nights march break package
  • 7 nights 5 star Umrah packages

These are some of the best Umrah packages for our elite travellers. However, you can also choose customized plans to make your journey more memorable and appreciable. For more exciting deals and packages, give us a call or visit online on our official website.