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All About Ihram For Umrah And Hajj

All About Ihram For Umrah And Hajj

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All pilgrims are required to enter the state of Ihram for the sake of performing Umrah and Hajj. “Ihram” is the sacred state a pilgrim must enter after cleaning the body, wearing the prescribed clothes and making the intention, before crossing the `Miqat”. If any pilgrim tries to cross “Miqat ” without entering the state of Ihram, he has to pay a huge penalty. A person in the state of “Ihram” is known as “Muhrim ”. FJ Travels is a licensed travel agency and also provides Saudi Arab Visa services in Canada. Know more about updated Umrah Visa fees from Canada by visiting our website.

In order to perform Umrah and Hajj men are required to wear two-piece attire, which is also referred to as “Ihram”. According to Islamic rituals, one cannot start the holy journey of Mecca without entering into the state of “Ihram”. The state of “Ihram” also represents the unity between the Muslims. Whether a pilgrim is rich or a poor, the state of “Ihram” makes everyone stand equal. If you are living in Canada and planning to perform a spiritual journey of Umrah and Hajj, then you should contact FJ Travels. We provide affordable and the best Umrah and Hajj packages. We can also guide you to get an Umrah Visa from Canada.

Following are the certain rules while entering into the state of Ihram:-  

  • The Pilgrims are required to be ready by cutting his nails, combing the hair, removing unwanted hair of the body, and trimming of beard and mustache.
  • After that pilgrims should take the bath with the intention of entering into the state of purity i.e. “Ihram”.
  • Then men are required to wear “Ihram” attire, which is the unstitched two-piece of white cloth known as “Izar” and “Rida”. However, women’s regular or ordinary clothes are considered as their “Ihram” garments. Although covering the face is prohibited for women, they need to cover their head with the scarf.