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Get affordable Hajj Packages from Canada to perform Hajj 

Get affordable Hajj Packages from Canada to perform Hajj 

Millions of Muslims perform the hajj around the world every year in Mecca. They gather in the twelfth month of the Islamic calendar, Dhul- Hijjah. Every Muslim with financial and physical means performs Hajj once in a lifetime. It is an obligatory act for all Muslims.

They all converge in Mecca annually from around the world. It shows unity, faith, and solidarity by participating in a six-day ritual. It becomes easy with Hajj packages from Canada.

Planning for Hajj with Hajj Packages 

When we plan to go Hajj, there is a need to prepare for months. There is a requirement of many papers and visas to go on a holy pilgrimage. It becomes easy with the Hajj package from Canada. We can book these packages many months before going on pilgrimage. It helps to make our journey easy.

Here we discuss various rituals that need to be completed in Hajj.

Day 1- Ihram

Ihram is the first ritual in Hajj. It is entering a sacred pilgrimage where we cross Miqat. Miqat is the outer boundary of Mecca. They enter on 8th Dhul-Hijjah to perform Ihram. There is a need to wear simple clothes. Two unstitched clothes for men and stitched loose clothing for women. Sexual activity or fighting is not allowed during the holy visit. Pilgrims head to Mina on foot or by bus or by car. This journey is around 8 km, so there is a need to spend a whole day in Mina. People spend their time recalling and praying to Almighty Allah. People can visit for Hajj by taking Hajj packages from the USA so that they perform all rituals.

To conduct Hajj, men and women must dress in ihram clothing. It is to show that every person is equal to Allah. Women wear simple clothes such as headscarves. Men wear two white clothes without stitching. One cloth is used to cover the body from the waist down and another drape around the shoulders. There is also a need to trim their beards and nails. It is necessary to clean Ihram’s clothes to perform Hajj.

Day 2- Arafat

We know the day of Arafat as one of the most passionate days in Hajj and the Islamic Lunar Calendar. At Mount Mercy, the prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) delivered his last sermon. Muslim reach Arafat completing a 14.4 km journey from Mina and finishing their day in prayer. When there is sunset, all pilgrims move to Muzdalifah which is 9km ahead of Arafat. They spend an entire night under the sky.

Day 3- Throw Stones at Pillars

The third day of hajj is called Yawm-ul hajj al Akbar. Muslims worldwide take Hajj packages from Canada on the 10th day of Dhul-Hijjah to celebrate Eid Al- Azha. It is the longest and most challenging day of Hajj. Pilgrims throw stones at pillars. It is customary for pilgrims to throw seven stones at the most prominent pillar called Jamarat. After sunset, they come back to Mina. Throwing stones at Satan or the devil is a symbolic act. 

It is an Islamic tradition, and after that, there is a need to complete sacrifice. They slaughter a goat, sheep, camel, or cow. Now they remove their Ihrams and shave or trim their hair. People head to Mecca for tawaf and sa’ee. They circled Kaba seven times. At this time, they run or walk between the hills of Safa and Marwa seven times.

Day 4 & 5- Last Days in Mina

They stoned three pillars on days 4 and 5. This time, pilgrims threw seven pebbles at them. A pilgrim spends two or three days in Mina praying and remembering Allah after this act. After completing the ritual, they come back to Mecca from Mina. Here they perform the final tawaf. We know it as farewell tawaf. They also visit Medina before returning home. Medina is a holy city of Islam. The last prophet Hazrat Muhammad buried with their companions. It is not part of Hajj. It depends on individual choice or Hajj packages from Canada.

Interesting Facts about Hajj Pilgrimage 

There are also some interesting facts about Hajj. These facts tell us how holy it is for Muslims to visit this place. They plan for many months and book Hajj packages from their locations.

Hajj is the 5th and Final Pillar of Islam 

It is the 5th pillar of Islam, so every Muslim comes here once in their life. They come here to live their lives passionately and put their faith first. Mecca shows faith and inner strength.

World’s Largest Human Gathering

People around the world visit Mecca for Hajj. They take Hajj packages from the USA. It became the world’s largest human gathering. The pilgrims from America to Malaysia, Canada, England to Pakistan and many more visit there.

No Gender Segregation for Hajj

There is no difference between men and women at the Grand Mosque of Mecca. In addition to walking around the Kaaba together, they climb Mount Arafat together and throw stones at the Jamarat at the same time. It is a symbol of equality of men and women before Allah. After Hajj is complete, there is gender segregation.

Hajj Culminates with Eid al-Adha

The Hajj concludes with Eid al-Adha, the celebration of sacrifice. When the stoning ritual is complete at Jamarat they perform Qurbani. They sacrifice sheep, goats, and cattle. The meat of these animals is disturbing to the poor and neighbours. They celebrate Prophet Ibrahim and his tireless dedication to Allah.

Kaaba Stone

A silver ring surrounds a black stone in the eastern corner of the Kaaba. We worship this stone as an Islamic relic. It dates back to the time of Adam and Eve. According to Muslims, Adam obtained this stone from Allah. They include it in the worship of Almighty Allah. The archangel Gabriel handed over the stone to Ibrahim. He also used it on an altar. Many pilgrims have to stop here and kiss the stone of Prophet Muhammad.

Sum Up

Hajj is a sacred place for Muslims. People visit here and complete various rituals. It becomes easy with Hajj packages from Canada. FJ Travels offers affordable Hajj packages from the USA. It is necessary to book in advance to ensure a comfortable journey coming to Hajj this year. It is the best way to remember Allah.