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Umrah Packages: How Do We Plan a Perfect Umrah Visit?

Umrah Packages: How Do We Plan a Perfect Umrah Visit?

Every person has a desire to visit their holy pilgrimages. There is a need for proper planning so that it becomes comfortable. Muslims are always eager to visit Umrah. Many travel companies offer Umrah packages for their customers’ convenience. People can easily visit Umrah from Canada, the USA, and other countries. We must plan our visit to have a peaceful journey.

History of Umrah 

Umrah is a holy place for Muslims. They visit Mecca and complete circles of black stone. It is significant for them to pray for their sacred sight, the Kaaba, seven times. The meaning of Umrah is “to visit places where people live”. 

People who have to believe in Islam drink holy water called Zamzam and again mark the black stone. It is a mini-hajj for Muslims. They visit this pilgrimage in any month of the year to perform different rituals. Muslims believe that they are free from sins after completing rites in Umrah. It is necessary to book the best Umrah packages from Canada to perform the rituals. People can start their plans to make their visit comfortable.

Conditions for Getting Umrah Packages for Visiting Umrah

Umrah packages from the USA are a convenient way to perform various rituals in Umrah. It is imperative to complete all the needed paperwork to visit a holy place. When we complete visa requirements, we book Umrah packages easily. People can submit visa applications online as well.

These are necessary documents needed for Umrah. 

  • It is necessary to submit a completed visa form with signatures.
  • There is a need to have an original passport with a minimum validity of six months from the application submission.
  • It is also necessary to have 3 to 4 blank pages in your passport.
  • 2 recent passport-size photographs(woman in hijab).
  • Vaccination of COVID-19 
  • Health insurance that covers COVID-19 infections.
  • At least ten days before travelling, but not older than three years, proof of meningitis vaccination is required. 
  • It is also necessary to take health certificates to Saudi Arabia.
  • All family members’ names and pictures must be added to the passport by the proper legal authority when they are on the same passport.
  • Canadian citizens need all their passports separately(children as well ). 
  • There is a need for proper proof of the relationship between women and children.
  • It is crucial to show parents’ names on marriage certificates or birth certificates.
  • Canadian citizens need tested certificates by a Canadian notary or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • There is no need to submit original documents. Only submit photocopies.

Non-Canadians need to submit their original clear permanent residence (PR) card. It is necessary to stamp a photocopy of the notary or foreign ministry. Many travellers have non-Muslim names. They must get certificates from the Islamic Centre to show their conversion. Women can also travel to Umrah, but there is a need to have a permission letter from their husbands.

The husband signs and notarizes this letter. It is also necessary to show their copy of ID with Mahram’s signature. There is a need to get Umrah packages from their locations. It is crucial to have pre-arrangements and return tickets for their journey. We will process our request after showing the tickets.

Umrah Packages Include Other Places

Umrah packages from “FJ Travels” help in making our trip perfect. We can also visit Makkah and Medina. It gives us time to explore other beautiful places and see their rich cultures. When we visit these places, it helps to know more about them. We can stay in various hotels to feel relaxed. It is necessary to take an Umrah package according to our stay. There are multiple options for Umrah packages from Toronto. When we get our tickets for the holy place, it becomes simple for us to plan accordingly.

Sum Up 

Umrah packages help to fulfil our dream of visiting Umrah. There is a need to understand all the rituals before touring there. If there is any doubt that needs to be cleared before visiting there. It is a simple thing but is essential for perfect trips. When we have expert knowledge of all the customs, it becomes easy to perform there.