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22 Sep

Tips To Find The Right Umrah Packages From Canada

Are you looking for affordable yet convenient Umrah packages from Canada but experiencing no luck? Here we’ve brought you the tips and tricks to invest in the right deals. Prevent getting frauded or losing money with the following best practices.  Umrah is one of the critical sacred places for Muslims. Islam asks them to visit […]

19 Sep

A Comprehensive Guide To Do’s And Don’ts For Umrah Packages

Umrah packages from the USA allow Islamic followers to accomplish their sacred pilgrim goals. Islam asks Muslims to visit these divine places at least once a year. It will help them regain their strength and connect them to the spiritual side. A trip to Hajj and Umrah is critical for Muslims to know the afterlife and […]

2 Sep

Requirements To Consider Before Booking Umrah Packages From Canada 2022

Umrah pilgrimage is open for visitors at any time of the year. It is different from Hajj because it is not mandatory. But, it holds a sacred place in Islam and allows Muslims to seek forgiveness, refresh their faith, pray for their needs, and cleanse their sins. Umrah can get completed within two hours, and […]

18 Aug


Umrah is the holy pilgrimage to the sacred city of Mecca. Umrah is an Arabic word that means “visiting a populated place.” Umrah is a shorter version of Hajj. One of the five pillars of Islam is “Hajj”. Every Muslim, if he is financially well, should perform Hajj at least once in their lifetime. It […]

27 Jul

What is the Best Time to Perform Umrah?

When we are making plans to go to see Umrah, we must search for Umrah packages. It is necessary to know more details about hotels, flights, and their prices. It always varies and depends on the time for Umrah. There is no set time for Umrah, so we can perform it throughout the year. To […]

15 Jul

Umrah Packages: How Do We Plan a Perfect Umrah Visit?

Every person has a desire to visit their holy pilgrimages. There is a need for proper planning so that it becomes comfortable. Muslims are always eager to visit Umrah. Many travel companies offer Umrah packages for their customers’ convenience. People can easily visit Umrah from Canada, the USA, and other countries. We must plan our […]

4 Jul

Get affordable Hajj Packages from Canada to perform Hajj 

Millions of Muslims perform the hajj around the world every year in Mecca. They gather in the twelfth month of the Islamic calendar, Dhul- Hijjah. Every Muslim with financial and physical means performs Hajj once in a lifetime. It is an obligatory act for all Muslims. They all converge in Mecca annually from around the […]

19 Jun

Book Affordable Hajj Packages from Canada: FJ Travels

Hajj is a sacred place for Muslims. They come from all over the world to visit a holy place. People who have faith in Islam go to Hajj every year. Hajj packages from Canada make this easy for them. We must know the reason for performing Hajj once in a lifetime. Reasons to Visit Hajj  […]

18 Jun

How do Umrah packages make your journey convenient?

Every person who believes in Islam has a desire to visit the holy place of Umrah. People from around the world visit this holy pilgrimage. Umrah packages from Canada help Canadians to visit this place. It makes this special journey memorable.There are always queries in the minds of visitors to Umrah. It is crucial to […]

14 Jun

Plan Your Holy Visit with Umrah Packages from Canada

When we visit religious places, we feel blessed. People always want to visit Umrah and Hajj. These religious sites need special planning. It becomes easy with the Umrah packages from Canada. These packages help pilgrims to visit these places easily. It is also safe for every person to go to holy places.Let us check some […]